When we think of client experience, the first thing that comes to mind is when the client is already yours, but in reality…it starts way before anyone becomes your client… It really starts on the first impression of your brand – that could be on instagram, facebook, on your website, or even your business card! […]

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When we first started our business, we thought we knew what we were doing – like really… we honestly did. However, after researching and reflecting and learning from other amazing photographers in our community and in our online communities, we learned that we can’t do it all and that we need tools to help us […]

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When you’re used to going in to work every day and then there is a sudden shift – such as what we are experiencing with this Coronavirus – things can get a little, well unproductive, if you’re not careful. Many of our readers are young professionals that are used to a regular schedule – getting […]

Finding down time to work ON our business is so difficult when we are busy working IN our business. The daily happenings of our businesses like checking email, sending contracts, scheduling sessions, shooting, editing, and more of what takes up the majority of our time have come to a halt. So we must admit, this […]