M S P Boudoir Sessions

for the modern + detail-obsessed
bride and groom who want to be guided,
love how they look, and have fun!

for the modern + detail-obsessed
woman who want to be guided,
love how she looks, and have fun!

Our goal is always to deliver the images you've always dreamed of and provide the experience you deserve, an experience that I feel should be three equal parts classy, sassy, and tasteful! 

Here's a preview of what you can expect:

Our goal is to deliver the images you've always dreamed of and provide the experience you deserve, in this case, just us girls will create classy, sassy, and tasteful images that not only your hubby will love, but that will empower you and make you fall in love with yourself! Here's a preview of the MSP Boudoir Experience:

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laughs often +
enjoys the little things in life

loves new experiences +
meeting new people 

has cafecito breaks +
talks about her dreams

makes date nights a priority +
explores with her hubby

dances in their kitchen +
cooks with music blasting

hosts dinner parties +
can eat 1000 cupcakes

are planners at heart +
like being prepared

are huggers, cuddlers +
hopeless romantics

She is confidant + knows what she wants
She invests in the finer things
She believes in good vibes + positive energy

Enjoys shopping + getting dressed up
Appreciates grand gestures + surprises
Saves time for pampering + values her self-image

Her nails are always done + soft curls are her go to
Her Sunday plans include brunch with friends + fros├ęs
Her vision of herself is defined by her greatest desires

The MSP woman...

What you should know about

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If we have already had our first virtual double date or if you've booked your wedding with us, I am soooo excited to get started planning for your boudoir with you.

A boudoir session is more than just a photo of you in sexy lingerie, it's a session where you can pamper yourself, take a well deserved break from planning, and most importantly -- its empowering and a declaration of self - love! Whether you're doing this session for you or for your hubby, it is definitely an experience that you'll never forget. Plus, it makes a great wedding day gift! He already finds you beautiful in yoga pants and a messy bun, imagine the look on his face when you surprise him with an album or folio box filled with sensual photographs of you. One thing you should know: From here on out, it's just us girls ;)


Classy, Sassy + Tasteful Boudoir

STEP one : Booking

step one

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Upon booking I will send you a questionnaire to get to know what you're envisioning as well as some of the things your hubby may like that we can incorporate. I do this because I want to be able to suggest locations, ideas, and outfits for your session. I want your session to be a reflection of your personality and want it to feel natural and fun, I want you to enjoy it and be in your element. After the questionnaire, I'll review and reach out for a quick call.

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In a few days you will receive a detailed confirmation email with the selected date, time, and location. In this email, I will also add outfit suggestions, a props list, and a general idea of the session so that you can prepare adequately. I leave nothing up to chance because I want you to be as prepared as possible so that once the session day comes, all you have to do is enjoy the day.

Session Prep

step four

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It's session day and you know exactly where to meet me, what to have with you, and what we will be doing, so you can rest assured that I know what you want and are fully immersed in the vision. All you have to do is get your Sasha Fierce on! 

Session Day

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You can expect your images to be done between 2-4 weeks, but I do my very best to get these back to you as soon as possible because I am soooo excited to share them with you. Once they are done, I will send you your full gallery (protected) and how it works. Then, we start to build your album or folio box! - I will have all the options and recommendations just for you! When your album arrives, I inspect it and repackage it for you and send it on it's way to your home where you can put it in a secret place.

Gallery Reveal + Heirlooms

Step six

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Albums + Heirlooms

There is something SO special about creating heirlooms

We're big fans of printed heirlooms and while it may have a lot to do with having albums upon albums of photos growing up, its got even more to do the ability to touch and feel, relive those moments.  Technology changes and is unreliable because it's all up in the air, the cloud, whatever..., but printed photographs will always endure and give us a whole 'nother feeling. While you can send a photo to your hubby, a printed images is much more glamorous and classy, it's his very own art collection of you, the most important and most beautiful woman in his life.

Albums and folio boxes are the perfect way to gift yourself or your groom with these beautifully curated, classy, sassy and tasteful images of you. We promise he will love it!

Sign In Album

Matted Prints in Folio Box


Meivys made my boudoir session a comfortable and enjoyable experience. From the beginning she shared  inspiration, helped me choose a beautiful location, and of course helped throughout the session with posing and small details to ensure I would be happy with the results"

"She made me feel confident and beautiful...

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My experience was really great. Meivys made me feel comfortable and made me laugh which I think helped so much. She pushed through my insecurities and made my session enjoyable. My favorite "scene" was the kitchen, although we used the whole house. I had fun using props and pops of color. She guided me and showed me what would come out best in the photos."

"Overall, you gave me confidence...

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My experience with Meivys is always wonderful. Before my session, we had a meeting where I talked about what I was looking for. Day of, Meivys arrived and I felt super comfortable with her, we were able to take my must have photos and more. After my shoot, we had another meeting to go over decisions for my folio box and the folio box we picked out was perfect, it's exactly what I imagined. This was not my first time working with Meivys, I'm sure it will not be my last."

"It's exactly what I imagined....

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So, you're in the process of
hiring a photographer, huh?

It can feel overwhelming and hard to choose, and you have so many questions!! You want to be guided, love how you look, and have fun! - I totally get it because that's how I felt when I was looking for a photographer for my boudoir session. With that in mind, I was able to craft a personal and joyful experience that goes beyond hiring someone to hold a camera and take a few photos. Instead, I am here for you every step of the way - guiding you, cheering you on, laughing with you and making sure you feel your very best! Here are some questions I think you should ask any photographer you're interviewing... plus my answers!!!

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Question: what's your photography style?

Answer: Light, Airy + Vibrant

Most photographers have a particular shooting and editing style, whether it's light and airy, dramatic and heavy on lighting effects, or moody and dark, you'll be able to notice consistency in their portfolio that will indicate what the final images will be. Whichever style you love, be sure to your photographer is able to deliver the style you want and always dreamed of. We feel that light and airy images are going to highlight your skin best and be the most flattering for a classy, sassy, tasteful boudoir session. Whichever style you're looking for, make sure your photographer is able to capture that.

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Question: do I have to book you as my wedding photographer if i just want a boudoir session?

Answer: Definately not!

I am completely open to shooting a boudoir session even if we are not your wedding photographers or even if you're not getting married. A boudoir session doesn't have to be a special occasion, it can be a gift to yourself, too!  While we always recommend that your wedding photographer be the one to photograph your boudoir session for many reasons, you can always book a boudoir session first and then upgrade to a wedding, engagement, or lifestyle photography collection with us.

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Answer: Meivys, of course!

Question: who will be the photographer for my session?

This may sound like a silly question, but depending on the photography company, you may not always have the owner or lead photographer photographing you session. It's important to ask this so you're not surprised on the session day with a photographer you don't know. I (Meivys) will be the one to photograph your session and I pride myself in building relationships with my clients; being there for them every step of the way and communicating expectations throughout every touchpoint. 

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Question: how long after the session will we receive our images?

Answer: Same Day Sneak Peeks / 2-4 weeks

This question can vary a ton! Photographers all have their timelines and you can't rush art!, you know what I mean? We always provide our clients with 24 hour Sneak Peeks and deliver your gallery between 2-4 weeks after your session day.

However, we know just how excited you are to see them and how excited we are to share them, so we try our best to get the images to you ASAP! 

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Bonus Question

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Question: do you offer albums + prints?

Answer: Heck yes!

As technology advances, it seems as though many photographers opt to only provide digitals -- and many people don't think about this until it's too late! If your photographer doesn't offer albums, it will be hard to find one that will be able to offer just the product without having been the one who took the images. Be sure to ask if they provide prints + albums; these are heirlooms you'll want to print for yourself or your hubby. We provide prints, albums, and other products to give life to your story and make moments  tangible. For boudoir sessions we recommend a folio box.

Bonus Question

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BONUS Question: 

After meeting with a photographer, ask yourself....

Did I like the photographer(s)?
Do I feel a connection with them?
Are they easy to talk to?
Does their photography style match what
I envision for my images and heirlooms?
Do they care about me and make me feel comfortable?
Have they listened and answered all my questions?
Is there anything stopping me from booking?

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