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February 7, 2020

Cristina + Gabriel’s Vintage Cuban-Inspired Engagement Session in Miami, FL | Florida Husband and Wife Wedding Photographers |

Before I tell you anything about this session or couple, I have to tell you how Cristina found us! When their inquiry came in, my heart melted! Cristina said her mom found us as she was searching for ideas at St. Raymond Church, where Cristina + Gaby will be married later this year and where she also got married years ago, isn’t that the sweetest?! Cristina’s mom came across this blog post in Amor Latino Unveiled and told Cristina all about us.

The first time we met Cristina + Gabriel in person it felt like we’d known each other for years and we immediately clicked! We had our first meeting back in the fall at Pura Vida in Miami. The place was so cut and had an adorable little nook for us to sit and chat over Avocado Toast and healthy smoothies!

After booking, we met once more with Cristina and Gaby to talk a little bit about their engagement session. As always, we wanted to hear their story and what they enjoy doing together to get a feel for what type of session they would love and would make them feel comfortable and be authentic to them and their love story. After this meeting we locked down a date and set all the details. Can I tell you that these two are AMAZING! They did all their homework and got all the cutest outfits – you’re about to see!

Cristina and Gabriel were friends through a mutual friend for a few years, but it wasn’t until 2015 that sparks flew while on a group trip to Bimini. They are both born and raised in Miami. Cristina’s parents are both Cuban. Gaby’s father is Dominican and mother is Cuban, born in Miami. Cristina is the youngest of 3, with two older brothers. Gaby is the second youngest of 5, he has one brother and 3 sisters! Yes for big families!!They love to watch movies, shows and especially comedy specials, laughing is their best source of therapy. Aside from that, they enjoy spending time in our home, which they work so hard to have – and this was the main inspiration for the session – a day at home enjoying each other and Beatriz’s company, laughing a ton, and honoring their families and their roots – Ahhh, love it!!!

We decided on Stardust Studios her in Miami for their session location and it was just soooo perfect! Both moms came to help as well as their sweet dog Beatriz. It was the perfect Vintage Cuban-Inspired Engagement Session —with a twist of Modern — they dreamed of back in the fall!


 This ring is soooo perfect! Extra points for Gaby!!!! Beatriz is the cutest!!! She loves her hoomans!!!

Loving these next few images in the most perfect kitchen…and all the colors make our hearts smile!! Gaby loves to cook and although he is an accountant, he also runs a healthy food prep business with his dad, isn’t that awesome?!

Can’t have a kitchen without a cafetera!!! This was a huge cafetera in person, but it photographed just the right size for the photos, one of my favorite session props ever!!

Told you they could dance!!!! We took this photo right in the middle of their first dance song (Thanks David for always bringing your JBL and setting the mood with music)…we won’t spoil it, you’ll have to wait til the Wedding Day Blog Post to know what their song is!Anddd…cafecito break!

Cristina had so many cute outfits, this is outfit #3! So perfect!      

Ok, this is one of my all-time favorites right here!!!!

Then we ended with a sweet moment at the front of the house and my very last photo…tio-abuelo’s watch that Gaby was wearing was the detail that wrapped up the session. Cristina and Gaby, your energy is contagious and your love is soooo beautiful! May you always enjoy a cozy afternoon at home and find reasons to love each other in the little things each day. We had an amazing time with you and your beautiful little family, thank you for the opportunity to capture your love story and we are sooo excited about your big day this October!!!


XOXO, David + Meivys
M Suarez Photography


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