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June 14, 2020

How to Create a Wedding Photography Timeline that Allows for the Best Photos

Are you struggling with creating your wedding day timeline? This is a concern we had when we were planning our wedding and a concern a lot of our couples have throughout their planning journey, especially because they want to be able to fit in #allthephotos . If this is your first time on our blog, welcome! We’re David and Meivys, a husband and wife photography team based in south Florida. We photograph modern, detail-oriented couples who want to be guided, love how they look and have fun! If you’re a fellow follower, thanks for your continued support!

Throughout our time photographing weddings, plus experiencing our own, we have found that by knowing all the options, you can make the best decisions so in the video below we’re sharing the different parts of a wedding day (as it relates to photography) and how much time to allocate to each so that we can capture the images you’ve always dreamed of and provide the experience you deserve. We also have a goodie for you! – We created 4 sample timelines – with and without first looks and at different times of the year. You can download them for free in the link below.

XOXO, David + Meivys
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