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February 25, 2020

Hiring a Husband and Wife Photography Team | Florida Husband and Wife Wedding Photographers |

You wedding day is such an important day in your life and there’s so much to consider, so many vendors to look through, and so many options…How do you choose?! Our recommendation is to find vendors who care for you as a couple, have a passion for what they do, and work as a team!

We’re David and Meivys, a husband and wife photography team based in South Florida. Our photography style is light, bright, and timeless. We absolutely love three things: the ocean, our puppy Kelvin, and to working alongside each other…we may also love Dulce de Leche ice cream!

Most people that meet us ask, “how can you guys be married and work together?” but our answer is simple, it’s the best thing we have ever done! By working together we have learned so much more about each other, get to be together all the time, share ideas and exciting milestones, and at this point, we basically read each other’s mind!

Today we’d love to share with you the benefits of booking a husband and wife photography team for your wedding because we absolutely love what we do and what we can provide our couples as a team.

To begin, there’s two of us! Luckily, we both get to know you throughout the planning process and are familiar with your wedding day plans, ideas, and preferences. More than likely, we also shot your engagement photos together so we know how best you interact and which is your best side (we all have one!) Not to mention we know how to make you smile and can help each other get the perfect shot! Annnddd…. since we always attend shoots and weddings together, so you’re getting two photographers even with our smallest collection.

Next, we understand you 🙂 We’ve been there; in your shoes! We recently got married in April 2018 and we learned so much more about a wedding day after having lived through it and we can assure you that we have become better photographers because of it. We understand how you feel and what you expect, how to help and what to do in situations that may arise. View our wedding blog here!

Benefit #3: Divide and conquer; While I am taking care of the bride and bridesmaids, David is with the groom and groomsmen or scoping out the perfect shooting location. We can be sure to utilize our time to its maximum potential and ensure that we get as many images as we can. I summary, we can work together to not miss a thing.

My favorite: We work well together! Being together for over 7 years and now being married means we practically read each other’s minds as I mentioned earlier…seriously it’s a little scary sometimes, in a good way! We work like a well-oiled machine and know what our roles are during the wedding day. So, you can expect an easily flow and zero confusion or miscommunication between primary and secondary shooter. We have a unique plan for each of our couple’s wedding and work with through our strengths. We may or may not talk about your wedding at breakfast, then again during lunch, anddddd even while we grocery shop!

Furthermore for benefit #5, having different ideas, but the same shooting style is a must! While David and I have different ideas about angles and creative shots, we can keep the same shooting style. We have been blessed to have each other since Day 1 of our business and we have nailed our roles. The great thing about that is that we always look for ways to improve each other’s work while maintaining our goals for the shoot; You’ll sometimes see us giving each other tips and reminders as we shoot because we want to provide modern, more masculine images, without sacrificing femininity and grace.

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PLUS! double dates after shoots!

We hope this helped clarify some of the benefits of booking a husband and wife team for your wedding. It is honestly such a pleasure when we get to shoot with couples because we always end up becoming friends and doing activities together even after the wedding! We invite you to visit our website and social media outlets and get to know us, we love to share our lives with you all and always enjoy chatting with couples. See you soon.

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