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May 6, 2020

8 tips for stress-free wedding planning

Wedding planning surely comes with its ups and downs, plenty of overwhelm, and lots of decisions, BUT! – a big but! It also comes with rediscovering your love story, designing the perfect day, and including all your favorite details! Often our brides feel overwhelmed and we always share a few tips that helped us when we were planning our big day.

Once you realize that this day is a celebration of your love versus a big party full of people who you have to invite, you’ll notice how much easier it becomes, because your wedding day is about you two – and everyone who is in attendance is there to witness your love, your story, and your promise to each other – all done your way! No matter what, you two have to be happy and this day as we always say, is the first day of your forever, the first day of your family legacy.

So, to make it just a bit easier on you, we want to share our tips with you because we’ve been there, done that, and know you need to hear this!

1. Take it all in – This is a time to enjoy each other’s company and find inspiration in your daily lives that will enhance the wedding experience and share your story with loved ones. It can seem like a lot to do after the moment you are engaged, but take it slow and enjoy every step of the planning process.

2. Make it a date night! – David and I used to plan our wedding on Wednesday over dinner and a drink in (believe it or not) Cafe Iguanas! Mainly because we got to enjoy the best cesar wraps, plan before the crazy arrived, and finish with una salsita. We each had a folder and printed ideas of what we imagined, we even brought our laptops sometimes, it made things seem more fun and less hectic 🙂

3. Work with vendors you love – We can’t stress this enough! We are all about good vibes and great experiences, so by selecting to work with vendors who make you smile, your job as a bride and groom gets wayyyy easier! Vendors should pamper you and care for you, spoil you, and educate you!

4. Prioritize self-care – With all the stress that planning a wedding can bring, it’s important to eat healthy, exercise, AND find time to care for yourself and your partner. Whether that means taking a bubble bath — IDK how many of these I had to have to keep me sane! lol — or going to the gym to release that stress, it’s so important to take care of your body and mind!

5. Set boundaries – We sometimes have this vision of how things NEED to be, but when we take a step back and set boundaries for ourselves AND for others involved in the planning process, it makes for a much smoother process. Learning to say NO is tough, we know! But it will turn your focus back onto what’s really important– you two!

6. Organize – It’s a great idea to have a folder or binder just for wedding-related items, expenses, excel sheets, etc. Creating a wedding email address is a huge help too, this way you know that everything is in one place!

7. There’s so much to do before, during, and after a wedding and you can’t and shouldn’t have to worry about all of it on your own! Wether you have a full planner or month-of/day-of planner, this will give you peace of mind! OJO—- make sure you’re hiring a planner that is dedicated and detailed, that cares for you two and that you love to be around!

8. Don’t compare – You two are unique, your love is unique, and your wedding should be all about you! There’s so many ideas and so much you can do in weddings now a days! Use tools like blogs and Pinterest for INSPIRATION, but do not feel the need to do the “trendy” thing or the “over the top” thing if that’s not you!Just remember why you’re getting married in the first place — each other! Everything else is secondary.

So there you have it…Our eight tips for stress-free wedding planning. We hope this helped and feel free to reach out to us, we’d be glad to share more strategies with you 🙂

8 Tips for stress-free wedding planning

Tips from a previous bride and wedding photographer on strategies to ensure a stress free wedding planning experience.

8 tips for stress free wedding planning guide!



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