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June 30, 2021

5 easy ways to use your brand photos

You have your new brand images, now what? There are so many ways to use them that it can seem overwhelming where to even start, so we’re sharing the top 5 easiest ways to start implementing your brand images – right away!

Hi there, we’re David and Meivys , a husband + wife photography team based in South Florida. We work alongside small businesses and entrepreneurs to elevate their brand  through authentic, light, bright, professional, images. We’re so excited that you’re here and want to invite you over to our Instafam at @msp_branding 


We have plenty of clients who are ready to use their images and others that get overwhelmed with where to start. The good news is that we’re here to help with that. Once you receive you images, there are a few easy and quick ways you can put them to work for you! So here we go…

#1 – Change your Profile Picture – When your profile photo gets an upgrade, everyone notices! Your followers are sure to compliment you and they’ll be looking for your new photo as you pop up on their stories or feed. Its an easy upload and done!

#2 – Include it in your Email Signature – Your email signature can be even more welcoming when you add a photo of yourself, especially if you don’t often meet your clients in person. This is a great way to elicit trust and professionalism.

#3 – Add it to your About Page – Every business has a website and every website has an about us page, so this is the perfect place for a brand new lifestyle headshot or photo of your family or of you in your workspace. Adding a quality and clean image to the about page can make a big difference.

#4 – Pop it into an E-book or Price Guide – If you have any freebies, ebooks or Price Guides, then you’d likely have a welcome or opening page, almost like an about page on the website. Pop in a new and updated image from your brand session to give it a makeover.

#5 – Write an introduction post and use the image – Ohh this is a good one and knocks two birds out with one stone. Write a quick few words re-introducing yourself to your followers and use you new image. Not only will you get tons of engagement because your face is on the gram (people love to see you!) but you’ll also get an easy post out of the way!


Well folks that was an easy peasy, quick 5 ways to use your new brand photos…So go, get to it, no excuses, you got this! 🥳

Want to know more about the process and how a brand session can change your business? Contact us for more info, can’t wait to hear about your big business dreams!


David and Meivys

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