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June 30, 2021

What to wear to your branding session

Your outfit and overall look will make a huge difference to your images so choose something that mirrors your personality and your brand. There is no need to spend a fortune on clothes either. Make sure your clothes suit your body type and fit well.

Hi there, we’re David and Meivys , a husband + wife photography team based in South Florida. We work alongside small businesses and entrepreneurs to elevate their brand  through authentic, light, bright, professional, images. We’re so excited that you’re here and want to invite you over to our Instafam at @msp_branding 


What to look for

Be diverse; choose 3-4 outfits that will show diversity in your images so you can show variety. Depending on your goal for the shoot, we recommend a home casual outfit, out and about casual outfit, business casual or business formal outfit, and a personality outfit!

When choosing the colors for your outfits, try and add a little bit of your brand! We’re not saying everything you wear should be blush and white, but we should definitely see tones that look and feel like your brand.

Whenever possible, stick to soft muted colors. Some bright colors like oranges, reds, royal blues, hot pinks and greens, if worn as a top or too much throughout the outfit can reflect on your skin tone and are not as flattering as whites, tans, and pastel colors. However! You can certainly use these colors for accessories, blazers, pants, shoes, props, etc.

Choose the right undergarments, this can go a long way!

What to avoid

Avoid baggy or tight clothing, find just the right fit!

Stay away from clothing with logos and wording, unless it’s part of your branding

Don’t wear intense colors or busy prints, they reflect back onto your skin

Don’t forget Hair + Makeup

Although it’s not outfit related, this is such an important part of the entire look: Don’t forgo a pro hair and makeup artist, this is a very important shoot that WILL elevate your business IF you show the best version of yourself! Opt for hair styles that add body and give you volume and makeup that is neutral and not shiny or glittery. Don’t forget to do your nails as well!!!


If you want to download the full What to Wear Brand Guide, click here.

Here are some examples of the 4 types of outfits we suggest:

If you want to download the full What to Wear Brand Guide, click here.

Want to know more about the process and how a brand session can change your business? Contact us for more info, can’t wait to hear about your big business dreams!


David and Meivys


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