Life is best lived surrounded by loved ones and God. This is so true for so many reasons, and the closer we get to God in our journey, we realize that all we really need is family and a faithful heart to live a joyous and purposeful life. This continues to be true for us […]

Let us share some tough love with you – We know…we get it… a brand session is quite an investment when you add the session, hair + makeup, location rental, etc. BUT… remember that now more than ever people are seeing your business through an online “store front” and all they have as a first […]

What a treat it was to work with @jenni_marques on an anniversary surprise for her hubby!!! We secretly designed and curated their beautiful wedding album to gift to Sergio, on their 7 year Anniversary.  We have photographed this beautiful family before for Baby Victoria’s baptism and we were so happy to do so again for […]

Family looking through album

Our puppy Kelvin came home in January 2019 and although we thought we knew what it’d be like to have a puppy – specifically a pitbull – we had so much to learn. As time passed, we learned 3 very important things about owning a pitbull and sooo many things about puppies and dogs in […]

When we think of client experience, the first thing that comes to mind is when the client is already yours, but in reality…it starts way before anyone becomes your client… It really starts on the first impression of your brand – that could be on instagram, facebook, on your website, or even your business card! […]

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When we first started our business, we thought we knew what we were doing – like really… we honestly did. However, after researching and reflecting and learning from other amazing photographers in our community and in our online communities, we learned that we can’t do it all and that we need tools to help us […]

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Alright you guys, now that you know our story, it’s time to get right to it. As we mentioned running a business is hard and running it as a husband and wife or a couple can be even harder – if you don’t know how to strategize! Most people say we’re crazy for working together, […]

Our little family wouldn’t be complete without our Puppy Kelvin!  Kelvin came home on January 2019 and changed our world! He is so playful and a cuddler for sure. He loves to meet new people and dogs, really enjoys his chew toys and jumps for joy every time we come home.  Hi, we’re David and […]

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Hi and welcome to our blog! We’re David and Meivys. We photograph weddings, portraits, and brands and we do it together! That’s right, we work together, every day! Most people think we’re crazy, but nothing has ever made more sense for us. We created this space to encourage and motivate you, to share business and […]

There’s so much to do before baby arrives and one that is on top of many mommy-to-be’s list is maternity photos, yay! But just like anything that’s amazing, a little prep goes into making it that way. In this blog, we’re sharing the 5 components of an authentic and beautiful session including location, timing, outfits, […]