Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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Why you need a branding session…NOW!

Let us share some tough love with you – We know…we get it… a brand session is quite an investment when you add the session, hair + makeup, location rental, etc. BUT… remember that now more than ever people are seeing your business through an online “store front” and all they have as a first […]

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Let us share some tough love with you – We know…we get it… a brand session is quite an investment when you add the session, hair + makeup, location rental, etc. BUT… remember that now more than ever people are seeing your business through an online “store front” and all they have as a first impression is your website and social channels…so today we’re sharing with you what you’re gaining by doing a brand session.


Hi there, we’re David and Meivys , a husband + wife photography team based in South Florida. We work alongside small businesses and entrepreneurs to elevate their brand  through authentic, light, bright, professional, images. We’re so excited that you’re here and want to invite you over to our Instafam at @msp_branding 

Now back to what you’ll gain by doing a branding session:






Let’s start with relatability and break this one down! There is a misconception that because you have branded images you’re not “real” and therefore not relatable, but friends the total opposite is true! Just because you have quality images taken by your fav photographer in really pretty light doesn’t mean you’re not real! It means you’re investing in your business, it means that you are putting your best foot forward and that you care that your followers are inspired when they come to your feed.

That being said, if there’s anyone you can be real with its us! We’re all about fun and we’re all about being yourself! Like here in this photo @bylamaika is pretty happy about getting to celebrate herself and her business. She is totally being real and totally loving the moment – this photo is genuinely and authentically HER!

When we plan your session with you , one of the questions we ask is to tell us about you as a person so that we can bring out that relatability piece to life in an image whether that means being a mom and working with a toddler attached to the hip or that you love gardening, these small but powerful things about you will allow your future clients to relate to you while keeping it profesh!



Next, is where the $$$$ is! You work sooo hard and have poured your heart and countless hours into your trade, but the truth is that you can be amazing, but if you don’t show it, you won’t sell it — and beyond that, if you don’t show it in a way that looks like a million bucks you won’t be able to charge what you’re worth, what you’re truly worth. 

Professional photos increase your perceived value 113% guys! No kidding… This is why we always recommend a brand session, even if it’s a small starter session for new businesses – so that they can launch with a set of awesome images that show that they are investing in their brand and image. Think about what happened to one of our clients, @soy_cybermujer . Her content has always been amazing, but her imagery did not reflect that so much so that she was wanting to participate in an event as a speaker for a while, but she was not invited to speak. The moment she started to share professional imagery on her feed, she was invited by that same event she wanted to speak at to be a presenter at their event which hosted over 200 people. Not only will you gain perceived value from your clients, you’ll also gain it from your peers and your industry as a whole. Take a look at Erika’s actual feed before branding sessions and after below.

When potential customers see that you’re investing in your brand and business, it shows them that you are legit and that your product or service is highly valued. People are willing to pay more money for a premium service – but they have to see the value in booking you versus the next guy or gal. Meaning…if you were to compare two companies with the same years of experience and the same level of service, but one has more professional and personalized imagery on their web, social channels, etc. the perceived value of the one with the pro imagery will always blow the other one out of the water because of the first impression! We did a little experiment on our stories and share just this, you can totally check it out in one of our IG highlights.


Let’s talk about TRUST! Trusting a business, especially one you’re not familiar with has its challenges.

Think about it, when you go to shop, especially for a product, what do you do? You ask around for recommendations, read review, etc, but you can be totally turned off by a photo and most times all the good stuff you read online or your friends told you becomes questionable. On the other hand, if you’re told great things about a business, it has great reviews, and then their image is polish not only are you ready for purchase, but you’re also feeling great about your decision because all the boxes are checked off — this means that as a business owner you don’t have to “sell” your brand presence sells on it isn’t that a nice relief?

But don’t forget that you’re a business- a business who has real expenses and needs sales – and a cohesive, professional online presence will increase your chances of a booking, of a product purchase, or at a minimum – a follow that will eventually turn into a client. 

To bring it up a notch, you can’t just have stock images on your site and social channels if you want to showcase that you as a business are trustworthy – you need to have your face in there! Have you noticed that when you show a photo of yourself or your team engagement goes through the roof?! That’s trust happening as your post that photo. When people see it, they automatically associate you with the brand and know what to expect when they come in or call. Knowing who is providing the service gives the client a sense of trust and confidence in investing in your service or product. When @coach.adaliz added personalized imagery across her website, it gave the customer a sense of trust because they knew this is the person who I will be working with, they put a face to a name…versus a ton of stock images (which is totally fine if you’re a big corporation and don’t need to show your client who they’ll work with) It gives the client peace of mind and show them who and what to expect. Here is her home page using images from our session.



Lastly, and this one will be short and sweet – having a branding session will show professionalism. There is a level of legitimacy that customers expect when they order or book a service. Generally people want to buy from established businesses because they want everything to flow smoothly and they trust in the company to deliver on their promise, but this is all going to happen by you and your team if you have one being professional in everything you do, starting with your website and social channels because they are your true first impression. If you have a selfie in your about me page, is that showing professionalism? If your products are photographed with your phone in less than optimal light, will it show how beautifully and meticulously it was crafted? If your website doesn’t have a true representation of the amazing work that you do, will it entice clients to work with you? Here’s an example of how we were able to help Yolanda from @rosesmasterpiece uplevel her business and give her an online presence that is relatable, valuable, inviting and professional. 


Friends, we know investing in yourself and your business is scary. We also know you are amazing at what you do, that you were made for more and deserve a cohesive online presence that reflects just that! Professional photography will help you do that plus more! So, let’s take a step in the direction of our dreams and elevate our brand. Let’s show up for our business and gain these 4 elements that will allow you to charge your worth, gain confidence, and dream big for your business.




What if…

What if you could be confident of your brand and online presence?

What if you attracted clients you could relate to and your ideal clients could connect with you?

What if you created a community?

What if you could show up online consistently?

What if you had a feed with original, authentic content?

What if your photos could help you sell?

What if photoshoots were…fun?

What if 2021 is the year you get serious about your business and build a BRAND?

What if we could support you and guide you the whole time?


Want to know more about the process and how a brand session can change your business? Contact us for more info, can’t wait to hear about your big business dreams!



David and Meivys

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