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September 23, 2020

In Home Anniversary Session for the Marques Family | Stardust Miami FL | Husband and Wife Wedding Photographers

What a treat it was to work with @jenni_marques on an anniversary surprise for her hubby!!! We secretly designed and curated their beautiful wedding album to gift to Sergio, on their 7 year Anniversary. 

We have photographed this beautiful family before for Baby Victoria’s baptism and we were so happy to do so again for this special occasion. Jenni came to us with an amazing idea. They did not have a great wedding photography experience with their photographer when they got married so they did not purchase an album, but Jenni really wanted to have her heirloom. Although we do not typically design and print albums with images from other photographers for multiple reasons, we decided to help Jenni because her story was sooo compelling and unfortunately kind of common… Soooo, we decided that not only did she deserve her album by any means necessary, but that we had to have a session to capture Sergio’s reaction and so we can give them updated couple’s portraits and have a great experience! 


We worked with her to design the album and hid this from Sergio for a couple of months…we’re so sneaky! We also worked on ideas for what represents them as a family and how we can transform that into a shoot. After speaking, we decided on shooting at one of our favorite natural light studios in Miami – Stardust and we sent Jenni the shoot plan (something new we are trying and loving!). It was the perfect setting to hang out on the couch as we revealed the surprise, enjoy lifestyle images of the family and of Baby Victoria wrapped up in mom’s veil, and some outdoors shots, which OMG! They came out amazing! 


Even the day of the session, he had no idea! But not only did Sergio enjoy it, but baby Victoria was loving it too! She pointed at mommy and daddy and abu and hugged the album, she couldn’t get enough… living proof of how special albums and heirlooms are you guys!!! We photographed Sergio’s reaction and transitioned into an Anniversary themed family session.


We are firm believers in printing your images and having tangible heirlooms all around your home. We work with our couples and families to curate a perfect product and take care of them as if they were our own. We are soooo thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with the Marqueses again and can’t wait til our next shoot.


Click here to see how we packages the album for the Marqueses

Enjoy our favorites from their beautiful family session below, eek!

Love Sergio’s reaction! Lol

Look at that face! Feels like she’s saying, “Dad are you surprised? Me and mom planned this!” 😂 

Love the fact that Victoria could recognize and point to family members! She was sooo in love with her parents’ album she flipped through it soo many time during the session!

Daddy’s girl!

Victoria loves snacks almost as much as she loved the album…

Ok guys, get ready for some cuteness! Victoria really enjoyed playing with mom’s veil and the next few photos literally made us tear up!

Here they are, the tear jerkers… I can’t wait for the day she can take this photo with mom and dad walking down the aisle, we hope we have the opportunity to capture than in 20something years from now!!

While I shot these two love birds, Vitoria was on a scavenger hunt and picnic with David lol, she was shy with him at first but after his charm, she loved him!

If you’re wanting to celebrate a special time with a photoshoot, we’d love to connect with you, get to know your beautiful family’s story, and bring that all to life. Let’s hop on a call and see if we’re a good fit to photograph your next special occasion.

xoxo, David + Meivys

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